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Crucoli, Italy Embraces Cutting-Edge Smart Lighting Solutions Powered by SMACXTY

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Crucoli, Italy - October 6, 2023 - Crucoli, the picturesque coastal town of Italy renowned for its ancient streets nestled on the Mediterranean hills, has embarked on a transformational journey towards energy efficiency, maintenance optimization, and an enhanced visitor experience. The town has historically relied on traditional luminaires featuring high-pressure sodium lamps, but due to the complex terrain and high maintenance costs associated with these fixtures, a decision was made to embrace IoT-powered smart lighting solutions.

The project, in collaboration with leading IoT solutions provider SMACXTY, aims to revolutionize Crucoli's lighting infrastructure, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant environment. The centerpiece of this initiative involves the deployment of cutting-edge LED lighting technology, including LED street lights, LED garden lights, and LED corn lights. These energy-efficient LEDs are not only environmentally friendly but also offer superior performance compared to traditional lighting solutions.
Key Highlights of the Project:
Smart Lighting Control: The IoT-based lighting control system allows for precise management of the lighting infrastructure. By customizing the light sources to perfectly match the surroundings and adopting a dual-mode approach that combines control nodes and power drivers, the town achieves real-time lighting management.
Energy Savings: The implementation of latitude and longitude-based on/off scheduling, timed dimming, and intelligent light sensing has resulted in a remarkable 65% reduction in energy consumption. This significant energy savings not only reduces the town's environmental footprint but also contributes to cost efficiency.
Fault Detection and Maintenance: The system's automatic fault reporting and accurate map-based location services enable rapid response to maintenance needs. Maintenance personnel can promptly address any issues, ensuring uninterrupted illumination.
Local Council Approval: After six months of successful operation and performance evaluation, the project received unanimous approval from Crucoli's local council representatives, marking a significant milestone in the town's journey toward sustainability.

Looking Ahead:
Crucoli's adoption of SMACXTY's smart lighting solutions signifies a commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future. The town's transition to IoT-enabled LED lighting not only enhances energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs but also provides residents and visitors with a more enjoyable and well-lit environment.
This project serves as a beacon of progress, showcasing the power of technology in creating smarter and more efficient urban spaces. Crucoli, Italy, is now at the forefront of the smart lighting revolution, thanks to its partnership with SMACXTY.
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