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ANTS ELECTRONICS LIMITED established in 2008,located in Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise and focus on research and development, production led indoor / outdoor lighting . Our company has advanced professional LED lighting production equipment, such as SMT, reflow machine; and professional testing equipment, such as integrating ball, automatic optical detector, thermal imager and so on. ANTS lighting is committed to the combination of hardware and software research and development of new products, most of the products are self-designed private products, We development of more than 2 new products and more than 10 Customize products per year. All designs are strictly in accordance with UL and EU electrical safety standards. We can be provided within three days for customer requirements of the product design program Division. ANTS LED lighting products have been excellent for thousands of designers, architects and engineers to provide inspiration. We are actively exploring the best of LED technology based on construction, interior lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and auxiliary lighting for specific products. Our main products are LED street light , LED HID corn bulb light, LED replacement light, LED Post top light, LED street light retrofit kits ,LED highbay light, LED triproof light, all products can be customized work with intelligent control, such as infrared remote control, timer, ZigBee,LoraWan, Bluetooth, Dali and so on. Welcome to join us!


Superior Materials We Use

【smacxty】IOT smart lighting solution We used the Lorawan technical,low power high Efficiency,it can be widely used for street lighting,Plant growth lighting etc. IOT applications; With AI you can Control it easily and be more smart IOT!


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